While many couples gave their partners flowers, assorted kinds of gifts including jewels, earrings and shoes, with some taking their partners to exotic and love-filled destinations, a couple spent their own Valentine’s Day in hospital following a bloody fight between them.

A 24 year-old man named Duncan Moseti chose to present his wife with a heartrending gift by cutting his wife’s breasts and then chopping his own penis with the same knife.

It is alleged the man, who deals and sells sugarcane in Kiganjo and Makongeni estates, attacked his wife for unfaithfulness while she dozed off on Saturday morning. He also knifed his genitals after noticing his wife was having a secret affair with his own brother.

Overwhelmingly shocked by the incident, the neighbours in Kiganjo village in Thika said the action of the man is something that no one can really explain. Particularly as the couple had never quarreled since they parked into the vicinity early this month.

It all began Friday evening when the sugarcane vendor came face to face with his wife Margaret Achieng, 20, asking her about the condemnatory things she has been doing behind his back with his own brother.

Speaking to the media from her hospital bed at Thika level 5 Hospital, Ms Achiemg said;

He said he had reliable information that I was having an affair with his brother. He told me to leave him and get married to his brother since he was more financially stable,adding that he would do something that would make us all regret in our lives.

The mother of one noted that after the fierce argument between them, her husband’s brother (Moseti’s brother) came in and pacified both of them .

The situation seemed controlled as her husband became normal, shared night meal with her and the duo went to bed peacefully. Little did she know her husband had some evil plot running through his mind, until she was awoken by a very sharp pain on her chest.

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Looking to see what could have caused the strange pain, she caught the sight of her husband trying to hack off her boobs with a very sharp knife at around 3 am. Defending herself, she pushed him off as she invited neighbours for their assistance via a loud scream. Her husband then made threats against their baby’s life and his genitals.

When neighbours didn’t hear her overly loud scream, she ran outside for a louder one. By the time she got back with some neighbours, her partner Moseti was lying in a pool of blood.

He had already chopped off his private part  and threw it out the window. With the help of their neighbour, they were both rushed to the hospital for urgent attention by an ambulance

Video: Source NTV

Moseti’s genitals’ cells died before treatment was commenced at the hospital, as he arrived quite late, and so it could no longer be re-attached. But the hospital did a reconstructive surgery to enable him pass urine. His wife’s breast was cut very deep, and the hospital officials say they are both in stable condition.

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Angry that he was brought to limelight for a damning reason, George Bosire, the brother to the irked man denied ever having an affair with his brother’s wife, calling it a taboo in their culture. He said the couple married last two years and moved into his single room house on February 7th, just a week from valentine’s day. He also hinted that his brother maybe suffering from some strange mental illness as he almost committed suicide last year. For the good of the couple, he sponsored his brother’s business as well as his brother’s wife’s peanut business.

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