Germany coach, Joachim Low

As if being caught picking his nose in public was not enough, Germany coach, Joachim Low, decided once more to do the most absurd in public.

The coach on Sunday chose to exposed his dirty habit in public during his team’s first game in the ongoing Euro 2016 against Ukraine.

As the crowd was engrossed in the game, the coach reached into his trousers to touch his private park, but little did he know that TV cameras would capture the moment.

The footage shows that after coach was done touching his balls, he let it air for a second as he sat down on the bench, and then took a whiff of his own sweaty stench in a stomach-rending moment.

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What’s more strange was that the coach Joachim Low, used his right hand when he reached down for his balls.

Why he chose to wash his dirty linen right in public’s eye remains a mystery. However, since Euro 2016 has been tense, many has opined that the habit is probably his own way of easing the tension. Fortunately, Germany later defeated Ukraine 2-0 in the match, but people can’t stop talking about the ‘strangest’ of things that happened during the match.

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Speaking after the game oblivious of the developing news about his ill habit, Low said his team needs to improve on their game against Poland if they want to build on their opening Group C win.

“We have both won, so the game is really important for the future of the group,” Low said.

I think we will really have to put in some work.

“Poland are in any case a strong team. We’ve played them twice and of course we lost once. 

“With [Robert] Lewandowski they are strong in attack. Like Ukraine a little, they have dangerous players going forward.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the video made it on social media, another footage from a different incident followed. The second footage also shows Germany coach Joachim Low introducing his hands in his trousers, touching his pubic area and butts before bringing the same hand to his nostrils.

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This is the second time Low was recorded performing the dirty act. The second incident allegedly took place during the team’s Monday’s training session. He probably didn’t know he trended on social media for the same “offense”.

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