Vihiga Man Rains Blows On His New Wife For Crossing This One Line

A Vihiga man who lives in Munoywa village got residents of his county amazed last Wednesday after he roughed up his wife and even sent her out his home for binge-eating on a delicacy he had hidden without telling him: white ants.

The woman, identified as Elsie Khasoha, found herself  in a very unpleasant situation after her husband, Lucas Luvai, got home drunk, only to find that she had shoveled down a plate of white ants he had hidden from anybody’s eye.

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The boda boda rider allegedly attacked Khasoha angrily and as if that was not enough, he sent her packing “to go learn manners from her parents”.

The 24-year-old young man who only got married not long ago later confessed that he overreacted because he was under the influence of alcohol.

According to the agonizing Luvai:

“I had bought the ants for my lunch because my wife is always busy at the market during lunch time to cook for me. I acted out of anger and alcohol. I have begged her to forgive me for the way I acted towards the issue, but she has refused to forgive me and come back. I have been calling her, but she is not picking my phone calls”.

Khasoha is a grocer at a nearby market and had a agreed with her husband to be having lunch outside given that they are yet to make babies.

In regrets for the careless reaction,  Luvai said:

“Considering our busy schedules, we agreed to be eating lunch away from home. But because I like white ants, I had bought them so that I could use them with the previous night’s leftovers, only to find them missing”.

But he got back home and his wife’s petty excuse that the aroma of the fried insects was too hard for her to resist rubbed him on the wrong side.

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He also said he would not have whipped his wife that night had she not brought up the matter when she jokingly told him that she searched for the ants and later found them on the topmost shelf of their kitchen cupboard, before banqueted on the local delicacy.

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Sadly he was not in the mood for her jokes, assaulted her and kicking her out for the bowl of white ants. The fate of the young marriage remains unknown.