Video: Village’s First Ever Masters Graduate Honoured Lavishly In Kajiado County

The video below shows the lavish celebration which Kajiado County gave its first ever Masters’ graduate in the county’s history since independence.

The 30 year old masters holder named Joel Siamito, who just completed his studies, made his village members proud for his accomplishment. He acquired a Masters in Business Administration from Tangaza university.

Being the first person from his village to ever achieve that feat, Joel is regarded as a role model in the whole of Lengobei village.

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Joel arrived in the area dressed in a graduation gown and was given a hero’s welcome on his arrival. The local leaders set up a fete where they lauded the Masters Graduate for setting a high standard.

Seen as an outstanding person, locals of Lengobei Village in Kajiado County climbed trees on Saturday just to have a brief look at the man who broke the standards of the area’s education standards ever.

They say Joel was the first in the area to attain Masters Degree since independence.

Area leaders alongside Magadi Member of County Assembly (MCA) Peter Pariken, commented that such achievements should also be extended to girls.

According to Peter

We need the government to construct more dormitories so that the girls can also access education without frequent interruption.

Kenyan activists also suggest retrogressive cultures, which have hindered the progress in the area, should be curbed.

They also said that most people in the area, hugely deformed by high illiteracy, are poor and as such can’t afford to have their children in school.

One of the activists who campaigns for girl child education, known as Mary Lai, said the community needs to abandon some cultures to promote education and eradicate poverty in the area.

Lai Said:

The moment we abolish FGM we will realise a girls education up to the highest levels, as the practice turns girls to women automatically.

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Video Credit: NTV