Voter Register Audit: KPMG Reveals Shocking Errors

The Independent Electoral Boundaries and Commission (IEDC) Voter Register Audit conducted by KPMG has revealed shocking errors including the presence of over 90,000 dead people and the possibility of over a million more.

KPMG scrutinised 19.4 million records in the IEBC voter register discovering about 3 million entries to contain errors from dead individuals to unverified fingerprint IDs, gender inconsistency as well as duplicate records. The 219-page report was submitted to the IEDC on Friday.

The audit reveals about 300,000 voters have duplicate records, over 170,000 have invalid IDs that contradict the National Bureau’s database, over 17,000 have invalid passport references and 5,427 records show no inclusion of a biometric fingerprint.

However, the most alarming remain the 92,277 confirmed number of dead people which KPMG have called the IEBC to immediately expunge.

The audit company was able to determine the number of deaths using data from the Civil Registration Department (CRD). They also noted that the CRS data was inconclusive, thus the possibility of having up to a million dead people entries in the voter register.

“In the period November 2012 to December 2016, of the expected deaths, CRD data indicates that 1,534,009 were aged 18 years and above, and of these, only 621,832 were registered,” the report states.

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The report also pointed out that out of the 435,175 list of deceased people provided to them by the CRD, only 196,988 had complete details, from which they got the 92,277 result.

“At the time of preparing the audit report, CRD had provided to KPMG a list containing 435,175 deceased persons of all ages. Of these only196,988 records had complete details which could be used as a reference to the register of voters,” says the report.

The KPMG audit report also states that the CRD have indicated that an additional detail on 350,00 deceased people would be made immediately available for use by the IEBC.

In other news, following a prolonged court battle, the IEBC has awarded the ballot paper production contract to Dubai-based Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing Company. The contract worth Sh2.5 billion will see the company supply about 120 million ballot papers.