8 thing that could make voting Jubilee out possible

Despite alleged plans by Jubilee to manipulate the general elections in its favour using the IEBS flaws, President Uhuru still fears about the party’s future as opposition party looks for loopholes that will make voting Jubilee out possible.

The president, Uhuru Kenyatta is not just worried about the number of the Jubilee party members leaving for the opposition, he is equally worried about the rate of dissatisfaction various departments have in his administration.

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Days back, four Cabinet secretaries announced their plans to resign from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Camp to join the opposition just a few months to the General elections.

Two of the cabinet secretaries, Mwangi Kiunjuri (Devolution) and Eugene Wamalwa (Water and irrigation), said they were set to leave their offices as they have plans to contest for political posts in the forthcoming elections set to hold on August 8, 2017.

Kiunjuri and Wamalwa have plans to contest for Laikipia and Tranzoia gubernatorial seats respectively. Aside these, Uhuru is worried Kikuyu and Kalenjin may Join Rest of Kenyans to VOTE Jubilee out.

Other issues President Uhuru and Jubilee party worry about include:

  1. Famine that has hit the country so hard, affecting women and children who now boil and eat wild fruits especially in the Rift Valley, Eastern, North Eastern and Coast Regions.
  2. Doctors, medical officers, University lecturers, nurses and tutors are on nationwide strike
  3. No money in the pockets of the middle class and ordinary people even as government officials massively siphon public fund.
  4. Several companies are closing shop and or retrenching countrywide.
  5. Government critics and whistle blowers are being blackmailed, intimidated, fired or silenced permanently.
  6.  Prices of basic commodities and basic goods have hit skyrockets, making cost of living very unbearable
  7. Most Kenyan parents can’t afford to take their children to school or college.
  8. Paralyzed electricity supply as the promised electric speed train never materialized while a Chinese diesel train that crawls at 80km per hour was supplied.

All these could make voting Jubilee out possible and swift, if the president fails to take immediate actions to tackle them.

Kenyatta will also be ready to loose more prominent members in his government as more senior government officials look forward to voting Jubilee out in the forthcoming August 8 elections and they will have to resign from their positions to do so.

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According to the law, a state officer who wishes to be part of an election will have to resign from their positions at least six months before an election.

Some Senior government officers who will be leaving state lucrative jobs to vie for elective positions include Kalembe Ndile, Franklin Bett, Joshua Kutuny, Henry Kosgey among others.