Vybz Kartel Has A Message For Kayole’s Gaza Gang

International dancehall superstar Adidja Azim Palmer aka Vybz Kartel has released a message denying the notorious Kayole gang Gaza who claim that he is the source of inspiration behind their criminal activities.

This comes after a story on The Nairobian alleged that members of the Gaza gang were looking up to the Jamaican singer as their god. According to the publication, the gang members would carry out several criminal operations as directed by Vybz himself.

However, though Kartel is not himself known for the nicest of things (he is currently serving time for murder), he has now come out to debunk the claims calling it a propaganda.

The Ramping Shop hitmaker said that the gang members are obviously being misled by someone else and that he is not a god as he himself worships a higher God.

After the Nairobian publication, an annonymous Kenyan man sent a voice message to well-known Jamaican TV Souflo TV, urging the TV host to pass on the message to Vybz and have him use his fame to condemn the gang’s activities which was fast becoming a menace to the nation.

It now appears that the host has done so as he has released a statement on behalf of the Summer Time singer.

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“I have a voice note from Kenya. I have been told of a gang in Kenya that worships Vybz Kartel as their god. The problem is this gang is also extremely violent and has been murdering people among other crimes,” the TV personality’s statement reads.

“Kartel does not support these things. This is not part of Kartel. Whoever is misguiding these youths should remember that music is very powerful, and what they are probably doing is that they are using Kartel’s powerful music to indoctrinate these guys.”

“He is more likely to tell you to stay in school and get education that would uplift your life from the conditions you are in.”

The TV host also revealed that Kartel is suspecting a Kenyan-based Jamaican of acting under his guise with the aim of exploiting poor youths on the streets.

The term Gaza has been asoociated with Kartel as far back as 2006 during the peak of his fued with fellow dancehall star Movado. Gaza was the name of Kartel’s faction rivalling Movado’s own Gully faction.

The name was adopted by Jamaican youths sparking slump violence that led to the mob attacks. Kartel and Movado buried the hatchet in December 2009 with the help of Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding.