Aden Duale

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has condemned former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru recent claim. He challenges to bring proof to back her claims that he gained from illicit NYS proceeds.

In a news conference in Nairobi, Duale said that the claims by Waiguru were a weak attempt to bring Jubilee to the mud.

Duale said.

If you add the dots you will see where the last dot goes. I am telling Anne Waiguru that she needs a lawyer not a human shield and I will not be one.

Addressing her as being dramatic in the whole scandal, Duale tells Waiguru to respond to the allegations against her included in Kaburu affidavit rather than beating around the bush.

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Defend yourself in the condemnatory allegations by Josephine Kaburu instead of “playing games in the hope that those who stole the NYS cash will get away.

He added that Waiguru needs to quit all the dramas so far and “bear her own cross.”

He then told Kenyans to note that this wouldn’t be the last time former CS will link people. He reveals that Kenyans should await another bombshell when the Public Accounts Committee tables reports on the Huduma Centres.

Anne Waiguru will be mentioning many names including that of Jesus.

Duale further said that he had taken a break from lambasting CORD and campaigning ahead of upcoming by-elections “to concentrate on Waiguru” since she had “stepped on a live wire.”

New stories keep coming up on the NYS scandal. Nobody knows when it will finally come to an end as Waiguru and the rest of the suspects keep prolonging the case with their ever-changing revelations.

Could it be that Kaburu is right in her claims that Waiguru promised her of facing “funny charges“?

Because some claims seems to be funnier these days.

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