Angry Villagers Chase Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi And His Promises Away

Wajir governor Ahmed Abdullahi became the topic of rude jokes and snide comments after he was unceremoniously chased away by angry Wajir residents.

This is what happens when villagers are tired of hearing promises and no action from the people in power.

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Reports had it that the villagers had been lamenting over how the governor had not achieved any tangible thing since he came into power and the governor never listened to their complaints nor did anything to show that he even acknowledged their plight.

So on the fateful day, the villagers who were already angry turned the governor away saying they did not want to hear any more lies from his mouth since he had done nothing for them.

The situation was so bad that even the governor’s security details were scurrying for safety.

The area is particularly occupied by the Ogaden clan who are a minority in Wajir county which is mainly occupied by the governor’s people of Degodia clan and the Ajuraan clan being the second largest in the county.

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Despite the seriousness of the incident, however, one cannot say the Governor was completely taken unawares. This is mostly because it is speculated that the governor knew of a growing rebellion within hs own clan especially after they recently endorsed another candidate for the upcoming elections in 2017.

Worse still is the fact that he had been assured of a warm welcome by political brokers. It’s not quite sure if he was intentionally set up or something went wrong with the plans.

The angry villagers were seen carrying placards and seriously agitating over the lack of respect the governor had to come campaigning when he had the worst track record.