Hardened Al-Shabaab Commander Captured Alive In Special Military Raid

Somalia’s special forces trained by the US have captured a wanted al-Shabaab commander alive in a recent raid in Galkacayo, Puntland region.

The special military force (Danab) captured Abdullah Al Sudani and four other militants in their hideout in the town. The high-profile raid took place on Wednesday.

al-Shabaab commander arrested

The militants in recent months has suffered great loss from a combined force of Amisom and the Somali national army.

The forces with the help of the US forces have managed to retrieve some of al-Shabaab’s strongholds.

The capturing of Al Sudani comes just days after the militant group had tried to attack a Somali minister in the capital Mogadishu.

al-Shabaab commander arrested

Days ago, Al-Shabaab militants raided a military base in Lower Shabelle, Somalia.

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During the attack, Somali National Army soldiers inside the base held off the militants in a grueling gunfight.

al-Shabaab commander arrested

Both sides lost their men to the attack but Somali government forces did not release the number of casualties, even though they reported that one civilian was injured.

Al-Shabaab erupted in 2006 from the now-defunct Islamic Courts Union, which once controlled  Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu.

al-Shabaab commander arrested -2

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However, the militant fighters urged in its own insurgency on major Somali cities in 2009, grabbing Mogadishu and southern Somalia. The terror group later brought its war on after Kenyan after Kenyan forces defeated them in the Operation Linda Nchi that was introduced in 2011.

Operation Linda Nchi was introduced to root out al-Shabaab and to take back southern Somalia and the capital Mogadishu which they used to launch terror activities in Kenya and Somalia.

Ever since then, the militant has been targeting Kenya in their fight and has carried out a series of attacks against the country.