War On Drugs: Matiangi Says 30 People Deported For Selling Drugs In Universities

War On Drugs – Education Cabinet Scretary Fred Matiangi has said Kenya deported 30 people involved in drug trafficking within universities.

This follows the governments investigations in public universities about drug cartels operating openly.

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Matiang’i, who is also acting Interior CS, said some drug lords were using students to sell hard drugs in universities, leading to increased cases of unrest.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Matiangi made the revelation adding that the government has asked universities to ensure drugs are done away with.

“Kenya has recently deported over 30 drug peddlers posing as students in various universities in the country.”

“We have been fairly ruthless in deporting international students who have either been caught selling drugs or are part of cartels,” he said.

“We have imposed serious responsibilities on our universities to ensure they are used for learning, not peddling drugs.”

The Cabinet Secretary said the war on drugs has been successful but is not yet over. He admitted that the country was facing challenges as the drug dealers seem to always be one step ahead.

“Let me not pretend…we have not been 100 percent successful in control. The traffickers think ahead of us in terms of how they move the drugs,” he said.

“We are facing a crisis … we have tried our best as a country.”

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Early in the year, President Uhuru Kenyatta talked tough against drug dealing during a visit to the Coast, when he said that his administration would eliminate barons.

His administration has, however, been criticized for doing more talk than acting over the years as illegal businesses look to have carried on as usual.

Deputy President William Ruto, on the otherhand, noted that money from drug dealing is used to fund terrorism which Kenya is fighting against.