Warning: Two Lions Spotted In Nairobi Near Ngong Road Intersection

Two lions among the six lions said to have wandered off from National park has been spotted in Nairobi, early this morning. The lions are said to have been drifting along southern bypass near Ngong Road intersection.

This is coming a week after a number of lions, said to be up to six, escaped from a nearby national park. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said in a statement, that the lions were seen by traffic police, who were patrolling a major highway in the city at around 10am.

A search team from Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) is now carrying out an extensive search to track the animals down and the team is asking for reliable information to add a leg up to the recapture of the two animals.

The public are advised to use toll-free line 0800597000 to reach KWS.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) on February 19, had also deployed a search team to find the six lions that allegedly sauntered off the park and were roaming and causing panic along Southern bypass and Lang’ata in Nairobi.

This was after they had received reports that the missing lionesses were last seen within NHC houses in Lang’ata and other estates surrounding the Southern by-pass. And after a prompt response by the team, the lions are yet to be captured.

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Some lions were later spotted along Lang’ata road. It is alleged that a nursing lion mother and her two young children cubs later went back into the Nairobi National Park without coercion. Two of the lions were seen some distance away from the slum but nobody is sure whether they are among the found ones.

The others are believed to have found their way back into the park.

Locals have been told to report any sightings as soon as they sight the deadly animals to the following phone numbers:

0800 597 000 or 0800 221 55 66.