Watch Citizen TV Live on the Internet Free

Citizen TV Kenya is one of the most popular Television stations in Kenya. It is Kenya’s biggest television station with a strong focus on local programming. The challenge however is often how to keep connected to the be able to watch Citizen TV live online without all the hassles involved ranging from getting a TV to installing the necessary antennas and cables. But now, the internet has solved this problem to a very large extent. The station targets audience from the affluent urban elite to the lower end Kenyan Citizens on the socio-economic scale and is powered by the Royal Media Services which was the first media company to run a licensed private radio station; Radio Citizen; in Kenya, in 1998 and in addition to Citizen TV, has 11 radio stations. It receives an average of 14.2 hours of viewing per week.

How to Watch Citizen TV Live Online

Click on the link above to start watching Citizen TV Live

Guide on How to Watch  TV Live on the Internet Free

If you have a personal computer, you can watch Kenyan TV live by use of a modem. First you will need to buy internet bundles as it is the method you will use to pay for the internet connection. Internet bundles can be bought through a number methods depending on your provider.

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How you can purchase your internet bundle include through a mobile internet provider in your locality then you can connect your modem to your personal computer to access the internet. Once you have a connection you will then just need to search ‘Live Kenyan TV’ on your browser and a number of options will be provided for you. Or simply bookmark this page for Citizen Kenya Live TV

About Citizen TV Kenya

Citizen TV Kenya was formed with the plan to become the largest media company in Kenya and East Africa. Born at a time when the country could only benefit from proceeds of transparent journalism, the station targets audience across the country including the urban elite and affluent to those at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. Citizen TV Kenya aims to provide the relevant content matched with unbiased news reporting as it aims at enlightening the entire populace while connecting with the audience and ensuring satisfaction.

Company Overview
Citizen TV is managed by Royal Media Services. The company was the first to start a licensed private radio station in Kenya – Radio Citizen was started in 1998 but today, it has grown to consist of eleven major radio stations and one television station.

So, you will no longer miss out on latest news as Citizen TV now provides free online Live news.