Meru Daredevil

A middle-aged man in Maua, Meru county, has been dubbed Meru daredevil after he hung on a chopper that was carrying Raila Odinga to Nairobi.

The Meru daredevil, who is yet to be identified, jumped and sat on the landing skids of the chopper as it took off to Nairobi following the Cord leader’s tour of the area.

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He held himself with one hand and waved to the cheering crowd beneath as he rode into the skies. The chopper flew for about four minutes before landing at the nearby Athimba Primary School where it is suspected that the man escaped.

Police Response To Meru Daredevil

Igembe south OCPD Jane Nyakeruma said the police have been unable to trace or identify the man, speculating that he might have continued to Nairobi.

She said:

”We have tried to follow up if the chopper dropped him in the nearby primary school but we have not traced him.

”We have not received any reports if the man was safely landed anywhere within the county. We are still making calls to security teams if they have recieved any reports of any emergency landing.”

Raila was on a tour of Meru and Isiolo counties for mobilization of residents to register as voters.

The ODM leader received a warm reception as he addressed crowds in Meru Town, Laare and Maili Tatu grounds in what is perceived to be Jubilee’s turf.

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Meru is regarded as one of the Jubilee strongholds in the country but Raila has continued to tour the region to garner support ahead of the August polls.

Raila said he was in Meru because residents of the county supported him in the last General Election even though he lost to Uhuru Kenyatta.

He told the county residents that they had been misled into believing he is the enemy of Jubilee Administration’s progress.

Watch the Meru daredevil video below captured by NairobiNews.

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