Watch MIKE SONKO Investigate Chinese Restaurant That Changes To A Sex Zone After 5pm

Generally, some people don’t ever associate with members of certain groups or rather members of some groups rarely, if ever, embrace people of other groups maybe for reasons relating to cultural or religious belief. But how about people who never accept others because of the colour of their skin especially when their skin is black in colour? Yea, I mean people who do it because they feel others are not their kind just for having a different body appearance outside their own. And  they end up treating them  badly because they think solemnly that people who have been discriminated against deserve this treatment. Of course, they think in their little world that those people are inferior to them in some way. And this is why Mike Sonko went to the Chinese restaurant  to make a bold inquiry.

We do know how Kenyans continue to pour out their minds bitterly expressing their anger and fury against a Chinese Restaurant which has been on the headlines for discriminating against Kenyans after 5pm, and surprisingly Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko took a brazen step to lay bare the truth by finding out things himself.

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He entered the restaurant in question to find out everything that was going on there after it appeared that it turned into a sex zone  after 5pm.

But, what he discovered here was rather touching and could probably make the minds of many Kenyans to change for good, especially their view of the Chinese people who they have portrayed as racist lately for discriminating against blacks. Yes, it will rock your mind to the core just as it did to the Nairobi Senator Mike, finding out that joining the notion of the crowd without making any direct inquiry may not worth it all the time.

Okay here is the full story, Mike Sonko got to meet one of the supervisors of the restaurant who dismissed the notion that Chinese hate Africans especially Kenyans. Take it for a fact, the Senator popular for his unorthodox mode of dressing was humbled upon knowing that the Chinese man had even tied the knots with a Kikuyu lady and they both have two great children. They both live together and love each other beyond human comprehension

Apart from that, he knew Sonko by name and appearance and speaks Kiswahili fluently because he grew up in Kenya. In fact, he not only grew up in Kenya but has lived in Kenya since 1988 and considers himself a Kenyan, a proud Kenyan at that. He went further to dispel the claim saying that he is doing drugs or eating dogs, saying he is accustomed to the Kenyan cuisine having stayed here for more than 25 years.

But the big question is, did this business man trick the public and Mike Sonko too?

Unbelievably, this morning, the proprietor of this facility was caught while dumping spoilt dog meat in Kawangware and he is now set to face charges in court.

Meanwhile, insiders also say that the restaurant turned into a sex club once it is beyond 5 pm and this painfully is one of the many reasons they never allowed any Kenyan access except for a few politicians.

This only brings us to a sobering reality of the fact that Chinese are yet to deal with racial discrimination towards Africans or do you think they deprive Kenyans the access to the restaurants after 5pm just to cover their hidden agendas which come after 5pm?

In case you are still doubting, just watch the video below to see Sonko’s encounter with the supervisor and thereafter, the photos of one of the proprietors being arrested in Kawangware after he disposed rotten dog meat.

chinese-resturant-in Kenya

chinese-resturant-in Kenya-2