Watch How Nairobi Park’s Iconic Lion Was Killed Yesterday

Yesterday, we reported that Kenya Wildlife Service rangers shot down a lion in Isinya as it strayed away from the park.

We have now obtained the video of the killing of the Nairobi park’s mohawk which has caused an uproar among Kenyans and conservationists.

It began hours after the lion wandered off, and was seen on the Nairobi–Namanga road early in the morning, leading KWS to send two teams from Isinya and Nairobi.

Before the teams could get to Isinya, a crowd has gathered with many chasing the lion with spears, bows and arrows. The lion got furious and while running to safety, the lion clawed on a man who was on a motorcycle.

KWS personnel and police officers from Kajiado and Kitengela reportedly shot at the air before aiming at the lion. An eye-witness told Buzzkenya that the shooting probably caused more agitation on the part of the lion.

In the video below, the lion could be seen running about trying to find a shield but met its death after the rangers arrived without a tranquilizer. The lion was shot almost 9 times in the leg and in the stomach before it gave up to ghost.

KWS head of corporate communications Paul Masela Gathitu said investigations had been launched as to why the animal was killed instead of being sedated.

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He could not immediately tell whether the lion had strayed from the Nairobi National Park or reserves in Kitengela, Magadi, Amboseli or elsewhere.

Kajiado Deputy County Commissioner David Kipkemoi he is not happy about the shooting and killing of the animal.

According to him:

“They should have used tranquillisers to render the animal harmless. This was very irresponsible of KWS officers,” 

KWS Director-General Kitili Mbathi commented on the recent persistent escape of lions across borders on infrastructural development in the Nairobi National Park.

Speaking at a press conference at KWS headquarters yesterday.

There is an electric fence around the park. During construction of the southern bypass and the SGR, the contractors accidentally cut the wires,” 

“When lions periodically go to the fence and find it cannot harm them, they cross in an attempt to get to the livestock near the army barracks or just behind Syokimau Station.”

Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungualso said that they are working with contractors to make sure that while they continue work, they should maintain the integrity of the park to keep the animals safe.

KWS Assistant Director in charge of the southern conservation area Julius Cheptei was asked why the animal was murdered instead of being tranquillised, Mr Cheptei answered that using a  tranquillizer gun on the lion could have been more dangerous to the public than killing it.

He added that the public could have been harmed before the animal gets the effect of the tranquilizer.

Watch The Video Below:

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