Watch Out! Plastic Rice Now On Sale In Kenya

A new report backed by a leaked video reveals that producers of long grain rice in China are now making plastic rice.

According to reports, the manufacturers use plastic to make the granules and then mix it with natural rice for commercial exportation to African countries.

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Ghanian and Nigerian authorities have reported that plastic rice was in circulation across their countries. Nigeria specifically is an easy target for unscrupulous rice traffickers.

The west African country banned rice importation in an effort to promote local production but is now dealing with shortages and skyrocketing inflation.

In December, authorities in the country said it seized over 100 bags of the synthetic grain. Lab tests, however, proved that the product was not fake but was badly contaminated rice, unsafe for human consumption.

Plastic Rice

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Around the same time, Tana Athi Services Board director Mureithi Kangara warned Kenyans about the fake rice. He said plastic rice was shipped and packaged to make it appear as if it was made in Kenya.

”Some people are bringing in fake and cheap rice and packaging it as if it is grown in Kenya, especially from Kirinyaga county irrigation schemes,” he said.

Kenyans have, however, reported that they consumed plastic rice during the festive period. One person said that they noticed something was wrong with the rice when it was put in water.

The plastic rice floats while the natural rice sinks. It also appears to be abnormally clean. It is sticky when cooked with a faint chemical odour.

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Plastic rice is a major causative factor of gastritis and other stomach related diseases as a result of its production through biotechnological systems.

It is made using potato starch which is mixed with plastic like synthetic resin before taking the form of a grain of rice.

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