Watch President Uhuru Kenyatta Dance And Dab With The FBI Dancing Group At State House

With the 2017 general elections around the corner, President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying his best to appeal to young voters by taking time off his busy schedule to dance.

The Kenyan leader on Wednesday met with different local celebrities and the award-winning FBI dance crew which he performed a routine with at State House.

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Uhuru donned a jacket similar to that of the dancers but of the Jubilee Party color, crested with its logo, as he copied the crew members moves as they danced to ‘Bamba Kura Yako’.

Watch Video Below:

The ‘Bamba Kura Yako’ tune/campaign and Uhuru’s dab attempt is aimed at encouraging youths to register as voters before the mass registration ends next Tuesday.

Uhuru raps and dances in the music video and is seen doing the dad – a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head into a raised elbow pit with the other hand pointing to another direction.

Uhuru's Dab

The dance originated in America and has been made famous by a number of athletes who have turned it into an internet craze.

Uhuru’s dab video has gotten a mixed reaction from the public ever since it hit the internet with some calling him a cool president while others have criticized him using the hashtag, #DabOfShame.

The #DabOfShame hashtag trended as Kenyans online reminded their commander in chief that many Kenyans have lost their life due to the ongoing doctors strike and drought among other issues.

They called Uhuru’s dab video insensitive in light of the current issues appealing to voters not to re-elect him in the next elections.

A few of the replies below:

Social media user Brien Adnan Onyango said:

”Mr. President, I think it’s appropriate for you to be dabbing while lecturers are on strike….you will not get votes of all those graduating this year because if this strike continues, you will have wasted for them 3 months of their life. Solve the strike issue.”

Supporters of the president came to his defense saying the president was cool and that he had a right to take time off.

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Another social media user by the name Linny Kathure said a few mistakes do not make Uhuru any less of a leader since we all fail at times. She went on to call him the coolest.

Mary Tole wrote:

”Where in the world have you seen a president as amazing and down to earth as Uhuru? As I said before, you have my vote, Mr. President!”