Watch How Thousands of Children Are Being Stolen from Africa Under the Guise of Adoption

In what may be described as modern slavery, many children are sold at a young age, all in the name of foreign adoption. This is because several corrupt adoption agencies are operating in Africa. Parents are coerced into believing they are sending their children to America for an educational program during which they would come home every summer and on school breaks. Or even for other charity purposes.

These corrupt adoption recruiters in Africa get naive parents convinced to sign some papers which they don’t have full knowledge of and in the end, those children are abducted and brought to foreign countries, peacefully.

Little would they know those African lawyers and recruiters were being paid to recruit children for an American adoption agency.

In fact, most of them don’t know what “adoption” means. Instead of an educational program, they find themselves caught up in an international adoption scandal. Many African parents are told the same lies everyday.

A victim from Ethiopia narrated that the family who adopted her and her siblings lived in the southwestern United States, and the family was told that the kids were three AIDS orphans, the oldest of whom was nine years old. But the truth she says, was that their mother had died from complications during childbirth, and their father was alive and well. Rather than nine, I was 13 years old; her sisters were 11 and six.
She said was later separated from her sisters.

Their new parents changed their names and told them never to communicate in their own languages anymore and they were punished if they disobeyed. Eventually, they forgot how to speak their native languages, Amarigna and Wolaytta.
She said she had wanted to escape from the people she felt had kidnapped them from their home, their culture, and their family.

she was “re-homed after 8 months,” without her siblings, to live with new adoptive mother’s parents in the Midwest. She narrated that life wasn’t as easy as they make international adoption seem and for that reason, began searching for means of bringing to the attention of the world to see the hard truths about corruption in international adoption.

According to her, supporters of international adoption often name the enormous numbers of orphans in the world. For instance, UNICEF says about 151 million orphans live in the globe. But most people don’t realize United Nations include children who have lost just one parent. On the other hand, the U.N. estimates only 18 million have lost both parents.

She added that she wouldn’t describe herself as an orphan because she and her siblings had a father, a brother and older sisters. They also had a large extended family that cared and loved them.  They were middle class by Ethiopian standards, not poor. And on that account she and many other adoptees, should never have been placed for adoption.

But everything was done the opposite because of money. Thus, the price paid by adoptive parents is exorbitant and feeds the corruption. People are basically paid to create orphans. Depending upon the country, an adoption can cost upwards of $50,000. Imagine what that kind of money could do to help struggling families in developing nations keep their children!

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