Weapons Cache Suspected To Belong To Al-Shabaab Seized On It’s Way To Somalia By Sea

Al -Shabaab might have some other bigger problem to tackle after French naval forces patrolling the north of the Indian Ocean seized a shipment of weapons suspected to belong to the terror group and heading to Somalia.

According to the naval forces, the seized weapons included hundreds of assault rifles, machine guns and anti-tank weapons as can be seen in the photo above showing some of the weapons discovered on a boat in the Indian Ocean by the French naval officers.

It is still unclear what else was in the arms storage, or if the picture shows everything that what was seized. This is coming just weeks after the Australian navy intercepted a cache of arms that was allegedly being shipped towards Somalia.

The seized ship was seen by a French surveillance helicopter which is part of the multinational force that patrols the Indian Ocean.

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The French forces took hold of the weapons under a UN embargo to prevent arms from getting to Somalia-based Islamist militants al-Shabab.

The naval coalition has lauded this recent development as a success even though information about those transporting the weapons is yet to be stated.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that Al -Shabaab has recorded huge loses since its enemy has strengthen its war against the group.

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Al-Shabaab has also seen constant attack since it raided KDF base in Somalia, killing a huge number of soldiers. Days after it was alleged that an airstrike blew up those ready to pass out from camp to carry out major attacks, commandos took the group unaware.

Thereafter, officials have revealed that at least 30 suspected members of the militant Islamist group were massacred in two separate fights with Somali and Kenyan forces

The group has seen continuous bombardment, raids, and the military has come into conflict against the terror group in full force. In many of the latest attacks against the group, deadly weapons were said to have been recovered.

Hence, while the group loses men they also lose their fighting weapons. With this trend, al -shabaab is bound to phase out any time soon.

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