10+ Photos Of WestGate Mall Before The Attack

Westgate is an large scale shopping mall located in the Westlands neighbourhood of Nairobi in Kenya. It was reported that in on Saturday 21st September 2013,  At 12.30pm, a group of al-Shabaab militants  attacked the WestGate Mall in Kenya, an upmarket shopping centre situated in Nairobi shooting and throwing grenades on passers-by. The attack which lasted for 4 days resulted to at least 72 victims including 61 civilians, six security personnel, and five attackers, with 175 non-fatal injuries. Three floors of the mall eventually collapsed. More people were injured which included both civilians and military personnel,the attackers were not spared as about 5 of them were killed in the attack while the rest were apprehended. The beautiful structures of the westgate mall was not spared as the attackers kept shooting sporadically and throwing grenades at will. The picture of the mall before the attack can only be left for imagination after the attack. All in all, Over 200 people were reportedly wounded in the mass shooting

The Islamist group al-Shabaab has come out to claim the responsibility for the attack, which it characterised as retribution for the Kenyan military’s deployment in Somalia. The attack came just after the threats from al-Shabaab in late 2011 of attacks in Kenya in retaliation for Linda Nchi, a coordinated military operation in southern Somalia that was launched against the group by the Somali military and Kenyan military. Officials have described the attack as one of the worst act of terrorism in Kenya since the US embassy bombing in 1998. According to President Uhuru Kenyatta who said on national television that Kenya had “overcome terrorist attacks before” and vowed to “hunt down the perpetrators wherever they run. Below are some adorable pictures of the westgate mall just before the attack.

10+ Picture Photographs Of Nairobi WestGate Mall Before The Attack

westgate-madison - westgate mall

West Gate Mall

west gate - westgate mall

westgate3 - westgate mall




west gate9




The aftermath of the Westgate Mall Attack

The remnant of the westgate parking lot in Pictures


aftermath of the kenya attack