Raila Impeachment Threat

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has hit back at President Uhuru Kenyatta for his Raila impeachment threat.

Wetangula fired back at the President a few hours after he said that Raila Odinga will be impeached by Jubilee MPs if he is elected. He also said Jubilee lawmakers would make it impossible for Raila to govern the country if he wins the fresh poll.

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“Tell me now, how will Raila govern the country if he is elected. In my last term, we had a problem passing Bills in the Senate because of the balance in the number of senators. Now we have a majority and we can impeach him after two or three months,” said President Kenyatta.

Speaking during a press conference at Capitol Hill in Nairobi, Wetangula said that the ruling coalition does not have the two-thirds majority in both Houses as required by the Constitution.

He then dismissed the Raila impeachment threat, terming it “reckless”.

“The process of impeaching a president starts from the National Assembly. If they have a two-thirds of the vote then it goes to the Senate for a full trial,” he said.

“When that trial is concluded and the House finds the president guilty of the charges then a two-thirds majority can seal the impeachment. But in this case, what are the charges that President Kenyatta has on Raila?”

The Bungoma senator went on to promise that NASA lawmakers will boycott President Kenyatta’s address to Parliament on Tuesday. He said the President did not have the powers to address a joint Parliament.

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“The President does not have the powers to convene or schedule the opening of a new Parliament. This is as it should be under the doctrine of separation of powers and the independence and the exercise of the legislative authority.”

Wetangula said the function awaits the president who will assume office after being sworn in by the Chief Justice upon taking the oath of office as provided for by the Constitution.