Must Read: Whatsapp Group Ponzi Scheme Used To Defraud Nigerians

A new style of fraud in Nigeria has been identified as WhatsApp Ponzi scheme…

The recession at it again as Nigerian now do anything for money. As there are no jobs nor enough money circulating in the country, youngsters now indulge in whatever promises to put an extra easy buck or two into their pockets.

Some have used various means to get money into their pockets, not minding the ingenuity of what they do.

Various Ponzi schemes have been created just to defraud Nigerians and Nigeria citizens don’t think twice before venturing into the money doubling platforms.

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The group admin for a WhatsApp Ponzi scheme named TOGETHERNESS, has reportedly absconded after deceiving members of the group and scamming them of N3,000 each.

According to JTownConnect, the members of the Ponzi group created on Whatsapp, are enraged after the group’s admin removed everyone from the group after charging them a certain amount of money.

According to reports, the members of the group named TOGETHERNESS had been asked to provide help (PH) of N3,000 and get help (GH) of N6,000 in 48 hours, just like in other popular Ponzi schemes.

Members of the Whatsapp Ponzi scheme had reportedly joined the group after seeing catchy adverts which were run on Facebook, with the link to the group page, making it possible for him to get up to 200 people into the group.

The admin identified as Tunde, reportedly waited for the members to pay up to N600,000, before closing down the group. The members were shocked to see that they were all being removed from the group at the same time.

Tunde waited till the group was filled up and was able to convince 200+ members to provide him help with 3,000 Naira each, promising that they would in return double their money in 2days time (48 hours).

2 days later, members were waiting for their money but all they saw was a new number removing all the group members at once.

Till now members who have donated are stranded and no one knows the whereabout of the Tunde guy.

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