Wife Of Kisumu Jackpot Winner Now Wants Him Back, Says She Is Still In love

The Kisumu millionaire jackpot winner, Joseph Onywera seems to be receiving some apology letters from his wife.

Onywera, who lives in Kapiyo Village in Kano-Kabonyo in Kisumu County, won the Sh20 million from Betway, a sports betting company with offices in Kenya.

His wife reportedly abandoned him because he was poor and was not able to cater for his family. But when he turned the latest millionaire in Kisumu betting jackpot last month, his wife has been shining a bright green light, calling for a family reunion.

The mother of three who left him 16 years ago, now says that Onywera is her “one and only” husband and that she won’t mind them getting back together “to take care of their household.”

However, the 62-year-old lucky man who is a huge fan of Gor Mahia and Arsenal football clubs says he wants to remain single since she was forced out his home due to his poverty-stricken life.

Onywera who is a huge fan of Gor Mahia and Arsenal football clubs added that he has gotten very used to his lonely life since his wife allegedly dumped him.

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Regina, his wife, has even brought back two of the sons she had gone with a week after Onywera’s miraculous breakthrough was publicized.

The one son who remained with Onywera is a casual labourer at Rabuor, a market centre some metres away from their house.

She has dismissed claims by Onywera that she broke her marriage because her husband was wallowing in poverty. According to her, they broke up due to a domestic misunderstanding of no significance for which she has since apologized.

She added that she is hoping to have the family reunited to help their children have a sense of parental care.

Regina also said her sons have become all grown and might soon need lands where they can erect their houses, which means that the mother be present as required by Luo customary laws.

Regina claims she got married to Onywera 31 years ago and they stayed together for 15 years before the quarrel that stripped her off her home despite several attempts at coming back.

betway-winner -Joseph Onywera

While still living with Onywera, she says they lived in harmony even though their marriage lacked some X factors. They lived and fed happily on her husband’s small income and her small business.

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She adds that her separation from her husband was not done in isolation. That everybody in the village, including the chief, was aware, and it was clear that it was a separation and not a divorce. I have not moved in with another man ever since, she says.

Regina to Migori town after staying for a while in her parents’ home. She has been selling fruits and vegetables to be able to pay her rents as well as her sons’ school fees since the last 16 years.

“I had three children to take care of, with the first-born being in Standard Four. I had to fend for them and myself, so I decided to start a small business,” she said.

She claims she had always contacted her husband who caused their long separation since he has not indicated interest in accepting her years-long apologies.

Onywera has however denied ever communicating with the wife, insisting that he is not ready to accept her back after “she messed my life”.

Their youngest son finished his secondary education in 2012 but dropped out of a tourism course after the uncle who was sponsoring him got broke.

Onywera has vowed that, “I am ready to help the boys if they cooperate. I have some projects to do and I need some peace of mind.”

But Onywera, who is currently receiving  treatment at a hospital in Taita-Taveta County, does not want to come home and meet his wife, Regina.