10 Amazing Facts about William Ruto, His Family, Wife and Children

William Ruto was born in December 1966 in Uasin Gishu County of present day Kenya. He went to Sambut Primary school before proceeding to Wareng secondary school then Kapsabet Boys High school. Later, he joined university of Nairobi where he graduated with a first class honors degree in Zoology and Botany. William Ruto is a renowned political activist. His political career began way back in 1992, when he together with other upcoming politicians rallied support for the then ruling president Moi. They pioneered a movement called ‘youth for KANU’.

William Ruto Biography and Personality Profile

1. William Ruto was once a teacher

Even though he is the current deputy president of Kenya, William Ruto has come a long way. Before joining politics, he worked as a teacher at Sirgoi secondary school and Kamagut secondary school. As a teacher, his students will always remember him as an astute individual who desired the best for everyone.

William Ruto

2. He is married and has six children

William Ruto is married to Rachel Ruto. He met his wife at the university where she was training a teacher. They are blessed with six children.

3. He was the best student in his class

Ruto was ranked the best student in his class at the University of Nairobi. As a result he was awarded a scholarship to pursue a masters degree in the same university. At the university, Rutoh was a great team leader who related well with his fellow students. He was a great choirmaster and evangelist.

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4. He is one of the international criminal court suspects

In 2008, Kenya witnessed a massive unrest. The unrests were attributed to election rigging. As a team leader of ODM, William Ruto was among the individuals who championed the unfolding of the truth that the then president Mwai kibaki had lost the elections. Ruto together with several other leaders who were allied to ODM proposed that President Mwai Kibaki should step down in favor of ODM’s Raila Odinga. When the unrests and violence subsided, a commission of inquiry was formed to investigate the root causes of the violence. The commission, Waki Commision, named twenty individuals and it is from the list that the retired ICC prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo picked the six suspects namely;

  • · Uhuru Kenyatta (the current president of Kenya)
  • · William Ruto
  • · Francis Muthaura
  • · Henry Kosgei
  • · Major General Hussein Ali
  • · Joshua Sang

Ruto was accused of crimes against humanity.

5. He rose from a humble background

There is no doubt that William Ruto is on of the richest individuals in Kenya. Unlike several rich Kenyans who inherited their wealth from parents, Ruto walked his way towards gaining the wealth. His parents were not rich. Reliable sources from his father’s home in Eldoret reveal that he used to do odd jobs such as selling chicken and groundnuts along the Nakuru – Eldoret road in order to supplement his parents.

6. He is a Christian

Ruto is a charismatic politician, Besides, he is a strong believer and a member of the African inland church. His religious life is what contributed to him joining politics. He was the head of choir at a local church. Ruto’s relationship with the longest-serving president of Kenya, Daniel Moi, happened rather by accident . Moi had attended a church service and he got interested in Ruto’s personality when Ruto said a moving prayer.

William Ruto2

7. He is a serious family man

William Ruto is a no-nonsense man. He takes his family matters seriously. He is one of those individuals who enjoy a good relationship with his wife and children.

8. He is the deputy president

Kenya got its new constitution where the vice president has been replaced by the deputy president. William Ruto will be remembered as the first deputy president under Kenya’s new constitution.

9. He is ambitious

William Ruto has held several government offices. He has been a minister and a leader of the parliamentary select committee. As the minister for agriculture, Ruto initiated a lot of reforms that assisted in improving the status of agriculture in Kenya. He was also the minister for higher education under president Kibaki’s regime.

10. He is a controversial individual

Despite his achievements and success, Ruto has been mentioned as one of the participants in various corrupt actions in Kenya. In fact, he was removed as the minister for agriculture as a result of the maize scandal. However, he was later cleared of the charges.