Residents of Bamburi Estate in Mombasa County were on Wednesday treated to a stage-managed witchcraft scene when two suspected car jackers were made to walk naked on the streets with a snake dangling from the neck of one of them.

According to eye witnesses, the car jackers stopped the vehicle, got out, undressed and started dancing before bathing themselves and the car in the muddy water from the road as residents stood watching and traffic built up.

The owner of the stolen vehicle who had reported the theft at Kiembene Police Station five days ago, was said to have sought the intervention of a witch doctor which led to the incident.

Hours after the incident had carried on, the man behind the witchcraft stepped forward to display to the public how he would lift the spell he had placed on the car jackers. He conducted a few rituals which included showering the men and a hen with unidentified powder, before proceeding to slaughter the hen.

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As witchcraft has become a common occurrence in Kenya in recent times, people have sought out witch doctors especially as the police are unable to deliver justice as fast. This has given room for con men to step in and try to make a killing from these desperate people as the police have described this incident.

Police in Mombasa has arrested four people including the supposed car jackers and two witch doctors for orchestrating the whole incident.

The witch doctors have been accused of being in possession of a snake without a license from the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The alleged stolen car owner has also been taken to the Bamburi police station for questioning.

Detectives say the five people concerned in this incident stage-managed the whole witchcraft drama to boost their business.