Woman Linked To Chelele’s Death Nabbed by Police

A woman suspected to be connected with Diana Chelele’s Death has been arrested by the police.

The arrested woman, a former employee of Chelele’s estranged husband Eric Musila, was picked up in Nairobi on Saturday. This makes it the second person arrested in connection to the murder, as Chelele’s husband had been in custody since Wednesday.

The News of the sudden cold-blooded murder of popular Kalenjin Musician, Diana Chemutai “Chelele” Musila, was so widely decried when it hit the public two weeks ago. Her body, with deep cuts in the arms and torso, was found dead in the compound of her house in Bomet on January 9.

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The detectives were able to trace the murder to the woman by means of the phones with which Musila communicated with Chelele shortly before the murder. One of the detectives, who pleaded anonymity, also revealed that the device had been used to trick the musician to the scene of the attack. Musila has used the woman’s phone to call his wife shortly after he arrived Kericho town on the night of January 6.

The phone was traced to Nairobi, and some policemen from Bomet moved swiftly into Nairobi. With the aid of their colleagues in Nairobi, the suspect  was arrested.

The suspect had been a close friend of Musila, had worked for him, and had been fired due to unstated reasons just weeks before the attack and murder of Chelele, but during the interrogations, the suspect claimed that Musila had taken the phone from her before giving her the marching orders.

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The detectives insist, however, that the suspect most likely has more information concerning the murder.

Chacha Okwach, Bomet Divisional Criminal Investigation Officer, announced that more investigations are being carried out, and urged the family, friends and fans of the deceased to be calm, as more suspects will be revealed in no time.