Woman Charged For Plotting To Murder Ex-Husband

A woman who allegedly planned to murder ex-husband with her family’s friend has been arraigned in court where she is facing charges for conspiracy to commit murder.

Monica Wambua, 38, and Pappias Mureithi pleaded not guilty to the charges before chief magistrate Ann Ong’injo at Kibera law courts on Monday.

They have been released on Sh1 million bond each after police arrested the duo in Karen Nairobi. Police captured them last Tuesday for planning on May 7 to have Eric Murigu killed in a bid to take over his wealth.

The court heard that Wambua was in the process of divorcing Murigu. However, the prosecution said the accused has not filed for a divorce and therefore remains married to her husband.

Murigu revealed that his issue with Mureithi began when his family friend who deals in property had scammed him by selling a non-existent land in Mukowe, Lamu county to him.

He reported to the authorities in Mukowe who confirmed the documents were forged and Mureithi was detained. In a written statement, the alleged crook acknowledged receipt and promised to pay back the money.

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On that note the accused was released on Sh30,000 bail and  ask to pay back the money, but he fled Lamu to Nairobi where he had met his ex-wife.

He said Mureithi then conspired with his ex-wife to have him murdered. And in a bid to achieve their plan, they hired three men to carry out the assassination. He added that Wambua, a businesswoman, paid some people to follow with his movement.

According to him, he knew about his ex-wife’s plan to murder him two weeks ago, and then decided to work with police until they unearthed the entire plot on Monday.

This was after two men walked up to him saying Mureithi and his ex-wife has paid them to murder him. He reported the matter at Karen police station. Murigu said police did not act immediately as the men were private investigators dealing with minor marital problems such as researching on cheating spouses.

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But he said the men got to speak directly to the police and notified him of the plan, giving him and the police some details and recordings they had.

“The main plot was hatched on May 2 at a car wash in Umoja. There was another meeting by the two in Karen five days later.”

Murigu said by what the men said, Mureithi and his ex-wife had plotted to evenly share his wealth after his killing.

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“They planned to pay the hit men Sh1 million to kill me. The two hatched the plan to kill me for their mutual benefit,” he added.