Kenya’s Youngest Political Aspirant Sadaf Deen Says Thank You For Your Support

Kenya’s young and hottest political aspirant Sadaf Deen has expressed her sincere gratitude to many who has pledged to support her as she ventures into politics.

The 19-year-old  fashionista and model now turned politician has, in an interview with Pulse, said she has been inspired by the support she has received since she announced her decision to venture into politics.

“I am grateful and motivated that everyone.” She said, extending her gratitude to her most supportive ‘Team Mafisi’,

“My phone has been ringing endlessly since my planned entry into active politics was publicized. Fans are pledging to support me. Others just want to flirt. It’s been crazy, very crazy.”

Miss Deen also revealed some political leaders also invite her for a round table meeting but she said she would not honor the invitation until her political bid is lunched next week.

“When I make it official that I am running for the Women Representative post in Mombasa come 2017. From then, my followers will tell me the way forward.”

sadaf deen

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Sadaf Deen posted a poster on her social media pages early this week announcing that she would be running for the post of Women Representative in Mombasa next year. When asked why she chose to venture into politics even as no member of her family is in politics, the showbiz events host said politics has always been her passion since she was a child.

“I was born in Nairobi after which I went to India for studies before going to London where I studied Business Administration. Besides the exposure and the experience that I have received from being all over the world, my passion remains my greatest force when it comes to society issues such as politics,”

“I have been carrying out charity projects in Mombasa and studying the political arena too and as I launch my foundation and outline everything in my manifesto, what I have been learning will come clear.”

Sadaf is the fifth born in a family of six and, after a sound education, has gracefully utilized her talent as a model behind a number of entertainment outfits in Mombasa to build her popularity, after which she launched her events company that has been behind some of the biggest showbiz activities in Mombasa County.

Through this event, Sadaf has been able to interact with the who-is-who in the business and political front to build a profile for herself. Despite her age, Sadaf Deen is determined to actualize her dream as a politician. In one of her post on social media, she said she is confident she would do well in her ambition.

“Age is nothing but a number. I am ready to join politics and I am sure that the people of Mombasa will vote me in. This is not an overnight thought. It is something my team and I have been working on. It is an opportunity to serve,”

“I am young and I run my own successful companies. When people believe in you, it gives you courage and motivation. When you believe in yourself, it gives you persistence, determination and infinite energy,” concludes Sadaf adding that her family, which also runs major businesses in Mombasa, is fully behind her political bid.

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Sadaf Deen is a source of inspiration not just to youths in Kenya but to millions of young women out there who share in her dreams but don’t know how to start.