Yoweri Museveni Leads In The Uganda Elections

According to preliminary results from the Electoral Commission on Friday, Uganda’s incumbent president Yoweri Museveni is leading in the country’s election.

The Commission said Museveni gathered 1.36 million votes out of a total 2.32 million votes counted from 6,448 polling stations, only a fraction of all 28,010 stations positioned across the nation.

Museveni got 61.75 percent of the votes counted, followed not-so-closely by Kizza Besigye, the opposition leader, with 33.47 percent.

Keep in mind that these results are only provisional results obtained while they’re being tallied at the polling stations. The final result is yet to be announced officially and is likely to change after the entire votes have been counted.

Although opinion polls had shown Museveni to be leading his opponents, analysts expect this election to be his toughest yet, citing the mammoth crowds Besigye has drawn across the country.

Museveni, 71, remains famous in some parts of rural Uganda, where he is seen as a father figure and is beloved by those who still recall his time as a guerrilla leader fighting a dictatorship in the past. He has ruled the country for all of three decades.

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However, Opposition Besigye thinks he influenced the result with force. He is accusing the incumbent president of using police violence, and other factors like delay, to discourage Besigye’s supporters.

This was after voting in some polling stations was extended in Uganda due to late arrival of voting materials to those stations.

International bodies have criticized the delay, referring to it as inexcusable and an act that inspires neither trust nor confidence in the system and in the process.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni also shut down the social media during yesterday’s polls, says it was done to deter people from creating trouble online.

It was alleged that Ugandan opposition presidential candidate Kizza Besigye was arrested in the capital, Kampala while voting was still ongoing.

Reports say the arrest was made after Mr Besigye and his supporters argued with police over access to a house in which they claim vote rigging was taking place.

FDC, Uganda’s key opposition members demanded to search the house but they were denied access into the building.

Mr Besigye was then taken into police custody and was moved far from the scene in a police vehicle. He was later headed home by the security force.

Besigye insists that in the midst of all the force and intimidation, he is sure to come out victorious.

Officially today ends the dramatic campaigns so far.

Stay with us for more updates on the final result.