Zari Hassan

Just when we thought that the rumours of Diamond Platnumz’s imminent split from wife Zari Hassan were over, a new drama emerges.

Zari gave netizens a good reason to believe her marriage to the bongo star was close to over when she posted a comment on social media saying that their daughter Lattifah wasn’t named Lattifah Dangote but Lattifah Hassan.

For those who don’t already know, Dangote is Diamond’s real surname.

An Instagram account named thecelebchronicles which scouts the net for celebrity gossips made the discovery and broke it to the ever-eager itchy ears of netizens.

An IG user with the handle zarimondtiffahplatnums posted a video of Tiffah walking in heels and captioned it; “Fashionista in the making #tiffahdangote.”

Almost immediately, Zari corrected her saying; Lattifah Hassan correction.

The post immediately sent social media abuzz leaving many with unanswered questions.

Caption this 😷😷😷😷 tag a minion and wish them a nice day 😎😎😎

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Could this be the end of one of East Africa’s most-loved power couple?

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Zari’s reaction triggered criticising comments from netizens with many saying that she had gone too far with the comment.

An IG user Anita said; “There are so many low down dirty things you can do to look for publicity but this is not one of them, too sensitive a matter! Trust me this is not one of them…something has been brewing for sometime! It’s only that we don’t know!”

Other netizens seemed to be enjoying the couple’s debacle… A certain Queen commented: “Very Soon it will be Lattifah Ivan hahahahha 😂😂😂 Can’t wait for unfolding tales.” PS: Ivan is Zari Hassan’s ex husband who passed away months ago.

Teddy said; “Zari no love don’t say that please please…love your children.”

It appears Zari was reacting to an incident that had happened over the weekend.

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Diamond’s mom turned 50 over the weekend and the bongo star threw a lavish party in her honor. He took to social media to post videos and photos of the party many of which showed him frolicking with random women.

What’s worse was that while Diamond was having the time of his life, his wife Zari Hassan was aggrieved at Nakasero Hospital, Kampala where her mother is currently being hospitalized in the Intensive Carre Unit (ICU).

Zari announced her mum’s ill health on social media calling on fans to pray for her quick recovery but Diamond neither commented nor posted a get-well-soon message to his mother-in-law.

This appeared to have angered Zari who immediately took down the post she made wishing Diamond’s mom a happy birthday.

But many fans felt that she had gone way too far after changing her daughter’s surname to her own maiden name.

Meanwhile, the rumors that Salome video vixen Hamisa Mobeto is pregnant with Diamond’s child received some fresh spice when Mobeto posted a photo of herself and captioned as “Mama Dee.”

Now, Diamond’s mom is often referred to as “Mama Dee.” Was she hinting that the child is a girl and could be named after Platnumz’s mother?? Guess only time will tell…

A couple of weeks ago, Platnumz told a Tanzanian radio that he has never slept with Hamisa. He also called on her to tell people the truth about the father of her unborn child instead of leaving people to speculate that it is his.

The rumor that Hamisa’s pregnancy could be Diamonds’ began circulating when Zari, in September last year, found Hamisa’s belongings in her matrimonial home.

The drama never seems to end when it comes to Platnumz and his curvaceous wife Zari…. Stay Tuned as Buzzkenya updates you with details as they unfold.