Diamond Platnumz’s Baby Mama Zari Hassan Shares Exclusive Details Of Her Struggles At Home

I know you thought her life is so rosy she could not possibly have any worries. Yea I thought so too. But it’s not really our fault, that’s what the pictures we see on the social media say.

So, Zari who just welcomed her second bundle of joy who she named Prince Nillan, made some rather shocking revelations about her life and time with the Tanzanian super singer Diamond Platnumz.

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Although Zari is the perfect definition of the modern day Mompreneur and seeing as she got back into the game almost as soon as the kid popped out of her, one would think she has more on her mind than the normal everyday stay at home mom stuff.

The beautiful mother of two has revealed that being a mother is truly not a walk in the park like most people expect it would be for her seeing as she has everything at her disposal.

She said it has been tough having to take care of two little kids and most of the time having their dad Platnumz away on tours. The challenges of being alone at home have not made life so rosy after all.

She wrote,

“With all the help in this house from the maids & grannies I still stay up with my son till he sleeps. It’s hard work being a mom usually with less or no sleep at all but hey, it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Some prolly think ‘arrghh she sleeps and lets her nanny do the work, wrong I stay up all night every other day. What a job????!!! Just a Lil motivation for other moms. Ur not alone???? & you, rock coz late nights ain’t for the weak????”

See? It’s not all rosy but she is certainly having the time of her life. Zari who got back her pre-baby body almost immediately after she gave birth to little Nillan is certainly one hot mama to look out for.

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Zari still wakes up and handles her business without fussing about the late nights.

She wrote, “We all have the same 24hours it’s what you do with them that determines everything…. #MomPrenuer.”