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One Liners

30 Cheesy One Liners That Will Have You In Tears

The best way to start a conversation with a stranger is by telling one liners. This way, you get to capture the attention of the person, whether...
Robert Mugabe Quotes

50+ Most Hilarious Relationship, Political Quotes By Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has been the leader of Zimbabwe in southern Africa since 1980 and is the country's only leader since it gained independence from...

Funny Images: Nigerians And Kenyans Battle On Twitter

It is becoming a common happenstance for countries of Africa to attack each other in a war of words. The other time, it was...
Funny Chemistry Jokes

70 Funny Chemistry Jokes To Make Your Day

Every chemist deserves a break at some point or the other. So it's now time for you to remove your hand gloves, put down...

100+ Most Hilarious Jokes Ever

These are not just jokes, they have been titled the most hilarious jokes ever and that is exactly how it is. There are different...
Good jokes

160+ Extremely Good Jokes

These are not just good jokes but are extremely good jokes that will certainly interest you, here you could read the funniest quotes and...
Funny Corny Jokes

130+ Best Funny Corny Jokes

We have made a collection of some of the best funny corny jokes that will interest you, though some might sound cliché and probably...
would you rather questions

100+ Good Would You Rather Questions for Couples, Teens, Adults, Kids

This is the most comprehensive list of the best would you rather be questions you can ever find online. Now to break this down for you...
Newlywed Game Questions

100 Funny Newlywed Game Questions for Friends, Bridal Shower, Couples

Planning an after wedding party? In search of activities that will boost the fun on that very special day and have people entertained? Then...